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I solve problems through design


Hello, I’m Kayla.

I come from Los Angeles, born and bred by the beach. I spent time studying and living in Colorado, Italy and Washington, DC.

I have over 6 years of experience in media, creating original digital content for corporations, start ups, and clients as a freelancer. I then discovered the world of UX and Product Design, and fell in love.

To me, being a designer is more than creating a product. It’s creating an experience and partnership with a story.

As a UX Designer with a background in digital media and journalism, I see my work through the eyes of a producer, a researcher, a journalist, and a visual designer.

I bring my skills in media and communication into my work as a designer, presenting complex solutions and creative storytelling to clients and executives with ease.

I go into each project armed with a unique set of skills that help to bring about the best results:

Interrogation, flexible design pattern, and a strong disbelief system.

My work is ever changing, because present reality is a changeable condition.

When I’m not staring at white boards and Sketch, I’m watching way too many movies (I’m a big fan of horribly amazing Nicholas Cage films), volunteering with dogs, practicing yoga and boxing, and a spontaneous road trip.


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