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Intelligence Matters

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While at The Cipher Brief, I developed, produced and edited an incredibly successful podcast called Intelligence Matters. The series is hosted by Michael Morell, the former acting director of the CIA. Each episode, Michael would sit down and talk with leaders in the national security space, such as the Deputy Director of National Security, Sue Gordon, and Congressman Adam Schiff.

As well as working with Michael to help develop his stories, I worked on the marketing and imagery strategy for the series, recording each episode, and edited the final pieces.

The series became a huge hit, reaching the top 10 chart of iTunes podcasts. The series eventually was picked up by CBS News, where it continues to produce quality programming and interesting conversation.


Production & Editing

This series was a really interesting challenge. It was more than just covering news, it was also about the life of someone in national security, whether that be government, journalism, research, intelligence, etc. Michael was an incredibly talented host and interviewer, and as a producer and editor on the series, I got the chance to work on some really interesting stories. 

As a producer, I was involved in the day to day tasks of managing the series, and assisting Michael in his research. As an editor, I was responsible for piecing together the music and intro, cleaning up the interview itself, and managing its release to over 3 difference podcast services, as well as thousands of listeners.

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Marketing & Social Media

Along with another producer, I was also tasked with managing and collaborating on Intelligence Matter’s marketing and social media strategy. Original images were created to be pushed out onto numerous channels, planned out by calendar every week. 

As each episode featured a different expert in a different field, I also focused on the best media and channels to push out to for that medium. For example, on the episode for Michele Flournoy. The Former Under Secretary of Defense Policy is currently at the Center for New American Security, and so I marketed the episode specifically for other think tanks.


Final Product

Here is one of my favorite episodes of Intelligence Matters that I produced and edited. It features James “Sandy” Winnefeld, a retired U.S. Navy Admiral who recently lost his son to an opioid addiction.

Not only was it a heart-wrenching story of a father losing his son, but it also goes in depth into a problem that isn’t getting enough attention. Drug addiction is a national security crisis in this country, and this episode brought some light to the issue.


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